STEM Landing Day

Our whole school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) topic culminated in a visit from an AECOM  traffic engineer who shared their latest work on driverless cars!
The children were very excited to find out about the innovations already being developed and the prospect of Driverless cars being on our roads in the not so distant future! During the workshop, they were challenged to program robotic Driverless cars to complete a route. Not only that, they had to ensure another groups cars would not collide with their own. The children used problem solving and cooperation skills to complete the mission and began to consider the huge implications facing Driverless car developers. Steve, the engineer, questioned the children about how people will be kept safe and how these problems need to be considered. Many of the children have made grand designs of the Driverless cars of the future … perhaps we have a few Barlby Bridge engineers in the making.