Rule of Law

School Rules

Children are all aware of our school rules and can relate them to rules and laws in the wider- world, including the importance of following and the consequences for breaking these laws.


Rule 1Visits from local community workers

Children at BBS regularly have visits form local community workers to explore and discuss their valuable work, the need for rules and law and the importance of keeping themselves safe. Recent visits have included:

The Police, Fire Service, NHS, Vets, Dogs Trust, NSPCC and Show Racism the Red Card .


Network Rail

Recent work next to our school by Network rail brought an opportunity for the children to work alongside them to create a new ‘We’re Serious about Safety Poster’. The competition was won by Wiki Czech and her poster is now used widely to spread this important message.


Anti-Bullying and E-Safety lessons and events

Everyone at Barlby Bridge CP School has the right to feel welcome, secure and happy both in school at home and online. Children regularly work together to keep this message heard. Recent events taught in class, through PHSE or School Family events such as our ‘Let’s make a noise about bullying campaign’ give all children the chance to explore strategies to help keep themselves and others safe and secure and how to     challenge bullying at school, home or online.


Behaviour Policy

All children regularly discuss how their behaviour can impact positively upon others. Children who consistently make the right choices and show excellent behaviour in school are rewarded through a range of systems including: individualised class reward time, letters home to parents, praise from other teachers, right choice tickets and praise certificates awarded during assembly time.  The colour ‘zone board’ system in school is based upon a positive model which allows the children to progress towards a positive goal each week. When children’s names are moved on the ‘zone board’ it is essential that they are given a clear reminder which references the school rule which they are not following and or/ descriptive praise when they move positively towards gold.


Equality issues challenged and recorded

At Barlby Bridge Community Primary School, we welcome children and adults of all religion, culture, special need and gender. We pride ourselves on the inclusive nature of our school and celebrate diversity.

All records of bullying for whatever reason will always be challenged and recorded.


Bikeability  Training and the Road Safety Team

Rule 2Each year, children in year 5  take part in Bikeability Training to help them understand the rules of the road. Our road safety Officers are responsible  for raising awareness of the important issue of road safety with the other children in our school and have also worked with children from neighbouring schools to spread this important message.


Right Choice Awards

Each week children at Barlby Bridge are celebrated during our praise assembly if they, often under challenging circumstances, make the right choice. This choice may be linked to behaviour, manners, resilience or effort.


Restorative Practice

Restorative practice techniques are a key part of our behaviour management system and should be used when responding to situations of conflict alongside the rewards and sanctions zone board. All staff are trained in using restorative practice and understand the key principles behind the approach which encourages children to reflect upon situations which have occurred; develop an understanding of what happened, how it has made others feel and ways to move forward positively.