Reception – Mercury

Autumn Term 2022 Learning Overview

Autumn 1 newsletter


A little film, written and produced by Saturn Class including actors from our amazing Key Worker Bubble. ?
To all the children, parents and staff from Barlby Bridge School! Take care, stay safe, have a well deserved break and don’t worry about coming back in September- we have it all in hand!
Watch and see…
Looking forward to seeing you all in September!

Here is the home learning for week 2 and 3 of the recent lockdown in case you can’t access it via email. Thank you everyone for engaging with the class Facebook page like you do and for the emails and pictures letting me know what you have been doing at home. This helps me so much as I can keep track of learning and progress and make sure you are all ok and  I know what to help to give if any is needed.

Checklist I spy and count 1-5

Checklist I spy and count 1-10

Checklist I spy and count to 20

Cut and stick ordering

CVC phoneme frames

cvcc and cvcc phoneme frames

I Spy and Count 1-5

I Spy and count 1-10

I Spy to 20

Label the Solar System Worksheet

Missing number track 1-5

Missing number track 1-10

Missing number track 1-20

Number formation

Number mats

Numbers 0-20

Pencil control

Picture Cards cvcc

Planning Web Week 3 WC 18.1.21

Word List cvcc