Barlby Bridge C.P. School Relationship, Sex and Health Education Consultation


Please read this leaflet from the government regarding the new statutory elements of Relationship and Health Education (RHE) in primary education.

Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child’s primary school: a guide for parents

RSE_primary_schools_guide_for_parents (1)

We are very proud of our PHSE curriculum as a school, recognising the need for our children to build a high level of knowledge and skills to support them as they grow, change and develop. The new statutory elements included mean that all schools now have to teach these particular topics. We welcome this at BBS. The relationship element includes building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships, including with family, friends and online. Your child will be taught what a relationship is, what friendship is, what family means and who can support them. In an age-appropriate way, we will cover how to treat each with kindness, consideration and respect. Health Education aims to give your child the information they need to make good decisions about their own health and well-being, to recognise issues in themselves and others, and to seek support as early as possible when issues arise.

At BBS, our Relationship & Sex Education is embedded within our PHSE curriculum. Although the new elements are now statutory, we have been teaching many of them for a number of years already following guidance from North Yorkshire. Our curriculum, we feel, meets the needs of our children from our community and we regularly update and revisit following feedback and information included in our Growing up in North Yorkshire Surveys.

Any new updates from the statutory changes that we didn’t already have in our curriculum can be found typed in green within the PHSE Progression document (included in the file). Historically at BBS through consultation, we know that our parents have always been fully supportive of our PHSE curriculum and we would like to continue this partnership through consultation now.

Unfortunately, due to current circumstance we are unable to invite you into school, therefore we would like to consult with you virtually through this questionnaire and would encourage you to look at our draft PHSE and RSE policies. We do hope that you wouldn’t mind spending some time to let us know your thoughts. We really value your opinion.

Both policies can be accessed by clicking on the links below

BBS PHSE Policy 2021

Relationship & Sex Education Policy 2021

Access the PHSE progression document below

BBS PHSE curriculum progression doc 2019

Barlby Bridge C.P. PHSE & RSE parent consultation following the statutory updates.
Click on the link below to complete the consultation.
Many thanks

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A little film, written and produced by Saturn Class including actors from our amazing Key Worker Bubble. ?
To all the children, parents and staff from Barlby Bridge School! Take care, stay safe, have a well deserved break and don’t worry about coming back in September- we have it all in hand!
Watch and see…
Looking forward to seeing you all in September!

Good morning everyone! Today’s Wellbeing Challenge is a ‘Staying Connected’ one. Enjoy!

Monday’s Wellbeing Challenge is a little late today- I apologise!
Today we have a ‘Give’ challenge.
Good Morning!
Your ‘Wednesday Wellbeing Challenge’ is a ‘Keep Learning’ one- enjoy!

Yesterday, the Year 5 Saturn Class had a go at the Wednesday Wellbeing Challenge with Mrs Herrington and Mrs Leach. Not bad for our first attempt! ?

Click on the links below to see the movies!



Today’s ‘Wellbeing Challenge’ is a ‘Be Active’ challenge. We know daily exercise is easier when the sun is shining☀️ , but can we keep that habit going when it’s not so inviting outside.

Class Venus completing our Monday Wellbeing Challenge- great work guys!
Daily Mile –
We ran and walked around the playground this afternoon to help us keep active. Then we talked about why it is important to keep moving and discussed activities that we could do to help us keep fit and healthy.

Oliver Green
BBS could not be more proud of this young man. Oliver (Saturn Class) has not only been working incredibly hard with his home learning but also helps his mum and dad on a daily basis caring for his younger siblings. Oliver- you are a star and we are proud to have you at Barlby Bridge School!
Recently, Oliver won a charity competition for ‘Young carers’. It was launched by ‘Action for Children Selby Young Carers’ to raise awareness of Carer’s Week in June. Oliver had to design a poster depicting his life as a carer.
Have a read of the article below- huge congratulations to Oliver.
Lots of us have missed out on holidays this year and are perhaps thinking about when it is the right time to go travelling again. This week’s ‘Picture News’ is all about holidays.
This Week’s Useful Websites
This week’s news story
This Week’s Useful Videos Travel Advice Report
This week’s Virtual Assembly

This week’s Picture News newspaper…

Picture News this week is all about ‘First Impressions’.
What’s going on this week?
A red, white and blue paint job on the Prime Minister’s plane has recently been revealed. The RAF Voyager is used by the Prime Minister and members of the Royal Family for official visits around the world and was previously coloured grey. An official spokesperson for the government confirmed that the plane received its makeover in Cambridgeshire in the colours of the Union Jack at the cost of £900,000, taken from public funds.
This week’s news story
This Week’s Useful Videos
RAF Voyager landing in Cambridge
This week’s Virtual Assembly

Picture News- weekly newspaper!

This week’s picture News is all about statues.
Following protests campaigning for Black Lives Matter,
demonstrators in Bristol pulled down a statue of a former slave
trader, Edward Colston and threw it into the harbour. It is likely
that the statue will now be placed in a museum. Many other
famous statues have been in question in other parts of the UK,
with issues regarding what they represent and if they should
be given such prominent positions in towns and cities.
You may find the previous picture news question titled ‘What does Black Lives Matter mean?’ useful if you haven’t already looked at it. Have a look.
This Week’s Useful Websites
This week’s news story
This Week’s Useful Videos The statue of footballer Lily Parr
This week’s Virtual Assembly

Here are two fun creative challenges to go with this week’s Picture News question…

Class Venus after thinking about the Picture News question about statues this week. Fantastic work children.
Statues –
There has been lots of talk about statues in the news recently. We had a think about what statues are and what they are for. We discussed where we might find statues and if we had seen any ourselves. Then we learned about live statues – people we might find in the streets entertaining us as statues and we had go at doing it ourselves! We had lots of fun!

Picture news- Weekly Newspaper

Good morning and welcome to Monday’s Five Ways to Wellbeing!
Today’s challenge is a ‘Give’ activity.
Our ‘Give’ wellbeing challenge has gone down a treat this week with children in school. It has been lovely to see all the different activities coming from one challenge. Well done children, we are all very proud of you!
Key Worker Bubble
The children read the story ‘Have you Filled a Bucket Today’ by Carol McCloud. They then thought of the different gifts of kindness they could do to fill someone’s bucket and in turn support their own wellbeing.
Venus Class
Today they have been thinking about the Rainbow Fish and how he shared his scales which made his friends feel good. Then they thought about how they can make our friends feel good at the moment – they can’t cuddle them or hold their hands. But they can fill their bucket with good words. Today, they told two of our friends why they were special. It made all of their buckets very full!
Saturn Class
The children thought about giving the gift of time and made special pledges to give to someone special.
Below is a link to the story if you wish to share it with your children at home.

Good Morning BBS

Today’s ‘Wellbeing Challenge’ is a ‘Be Active’ one.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for sending this in boys! Looks like you had a brilliant afternoon- we love the den!

Some amazing plans done in the ‘Key Worker Bubble’ this morning! Well done guys- don’t forget to send us some pictures of the real thing!

Good Morning!

Today’s ‘Wellbeing Challenge’ is a ‘Staying Connected’ challenge all about planning how you are going to keep in touch with the special people you have in your life.

Please send us some pictures or comments showing how you got on.

Have a lovely day!

Good Morning!

Today’s ‘Wellbeing Challenge’ is a ‘Keep Learning’ challenge all about creating some routine in your life. If you are having a go at this challenge, you may also want to look at this week’s ‘Picture News’ as the topic is also about routine.

Please send us some pictures or comments showing how you got on.

Our lovely ‘Key Worker Bubble’ have been busy comparing life before lockdown to their routines now! Well done children- we are all very proud of you!

Good morning and welcome to Barlby Bridge’s

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Let us know how you get on ❤️

Sent in by our lovely ‘Keyworker Bubble’. Thank you children- these are amazing!

Year 1 had a lovely time thinking about how grateful they were. They went on a walk around school, looking and listening to all the lovely nature and things they were thankful for. Then they drew personal objects that they were grateful for- families, sunshine, brothers, pets, Barlby Bridge and wrote down how those things made them feel.

NEW: A fantastic online assembly to watch from the Picture News Team
This week’s Picture News is all about the reopening of zoos. What do you think?
I have added a few more resources to support your home learning too- hope they are useful.?

Scroll through the resources below.

The children in school have been extremely busy thinking about this week’s Picture News question- Should zoos have been allowed to reopen earlier?
Key Worker Bubble– Enjoyed the Picture News work so much that it inspired them to explore and write about what it was that they liked best about each of the animals found in a zoo.
Year 1 Venus Class– They have been thinking about zoos because the largest in the UK, Chester Zoo has now just reopened. They thought of different animals that they might find in a zoo but now they know that England is not the natural habitat for many creatures there. They are found in other parts of the world. They learned which wild animals live on each continent.
Year 5 Saturn Class– In PHSE, they questioned their own opinions on the matter. They explained why they felt that way but also acknowledged that others may feel differently. I’m sure you will agree – some really interesting points were made.

Picture News- Weekly Newspaper

Good morning!

This week’s Picture News is all about ‘Managing Money’.

Please let us know how you get on.


Please share this fantastic resource with your children- up to date topical news each week.


We are excited to share with you a fabulous resource we have been using in school for a while. Picture News keeps young people up to date with the topical news stories. Included are resources that encourage children to think about and discuss topical news stories. We will update resources on here as well as our school Facebook page. 

This week’s Picture News is all about ‘Routines’- enjoy ?

Don’t forget to let us know your opinions


Please share this fantastic resource with your children- up to date topical news each week.

A very important lesson for us all from Picture News this morning. A good resource to open a discussion with you children.

This week’s Picture News is all about the jobs that we do. Let us know what you think.


Please share this fantastic resource with your children- up to date topical news each week.

Yesterday in school we launched the ‘Eat them to defeat them’ campaign in school. The campaign is run by Veg Power.


One-third of primary school kids in Britain are overweight or obese. There are all sorts of different things that should or could be done, but here’s a really simple one that’ll have a massive impact – convincing kids to eat more veg.

But there’s a problem… many British kids don’t really like veg. In fact, 80% don’t eat enough and 50% of parents say they have given up trying to get their kids to eat 5-a-day.


Our kids are bombarded by advertising all day, but only 1.2% of the food and drink advertising on TV is for veg. No wonder so few are eating enough! It all started with an advertising competition which simply asked – how can we use advertising to inspire kids to eat more veg? iFour’s winning “Veg Power” poster led to the founding of Veg Power CIC, a not-for-profit.


Veg Power is on a ten-year mission to turn around vegetable consumption in the UK. The mission: to get every kid in the UK eating one more portion of veg each day. Find out more on how you can get involved in our mission:


Veg Power is incredible alliance united by a common goal. Organisations and individuals all over the UK generously provide funding, free media, goods and services as well as thousands joining in online and in their schools and communities.

Veg Power’s Campaigns

The original Veg Power poster campaign was followed by a successful crowdfund, a book full of expert tips and recipes, and in 2019 they joined forces with ITV and creative agency adam&eveDDB to launch Eat Them to Defeat Them, a veg-focused advert that challenged the norms and played into kids’ narrative around veg.

Follow this link to find out more and to watch the advert …


Over lunch this week, the children will be encouraged to try our weekly veg. This week is carrot! Carrots will be included with every meal this week and a carrot tasting table was set up yesterday in the dining hall for the children to come and taste carrots in a variety of ways. The carrot smoothie was so popular we could hardly keep up with the demand! Each child who tasted carrot yesterday received a sticker and all the children took home their very own pack and wall chart so they can continue the good work at home. Please help to support your child with this.

Next week is peas!

About us

Healthy Schools

Watch this space…

Following our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle event in school, the children have been busy creating posters to encourage less waste in school. One of the focuses is ‘composting’.

As we have started our lovely allotment, the children in Class Mars and Class Venus will be out collecting veg and fruit peelings at break times to add to our compost bins.

The staff have not got away with things either. After the children examined the staffroom bin, they decided that something had to be done about it! Mrs Herrington has provided the staffroom with a mini compost bin for any peelings and has found some plastic free teabags that can be composted for all the staff to enjoy.

The children have been learning how to keep themselves safe. Part of the work we do at BBS to safeguard our young children is to learn

PANTS: The Underwear Rule

With the help of our friendly dinosaur Pantosaurus, PANTS is a simple way to talk to your child about staying safe.

As part of our PHSE work Keeping Ourselves Safe, all the children in school enjoyed a family day where they gathered with their school family group and created their very own ‘Trusted Adult’ hand print.

All the children know that if they have any worries they would like to chat about they have a number of trusted adults they can talk to. The children added an adult from home, an adult at school, someone else and the NSPCC helpline number.


All the work we did in school last year in PHSE thinking about our wellbeing is being continued in school. Look at our ‘Feeling Calm’ area in one of our classrooms.

The children are still thinking how they can not only improve their own wellbeing but also their peers, families and staff in school. Filling up each others buckets each day with acts of kindness is a great way to start.

Wellbeing Wednesday has started already. The Wellbeing Ambassadors introduced the first idea during an assembly and they have been greeting each and every child in a way they are most comfortable with as they arrive at school.

Year 1 had a lovely time thinking about how grateful they were. They went on a walk around school, looking and listening to all the lovely nature and things they were thankful for. Then they drew personal objects that they were grateful for- families, sunshine, brothers, pets, Barlby Bridge and wrote down how those things made them feel.