National Numeracy Day

On Wednesday 19th May, Barlby Bridge took part in the National Number Day along with hundreds of other schools in the country. The children completed a range of activities in their class bubbles, particularly looking at how Maths is used in many aspects of their lives. The classes talked about Maths being everywhere around us, including how it is needed in so many jobs.

All children also picked a favourite number, giving their reasons for their choice. Some great reasons included:    125 “because it’s a cubed number!” Number 9 “It’s my favourite times table!” Number 3 “the day I was born.”

The top three numbers in school were 7 (surprise), 10 and six and these are displayed along with the work the children completed on the day in the corridor on the way into the hall. Well done to everyone for getting dressed in their favourite number. We hope the children had a great day and learnt just how vital Maths is in our lives.