Mutual Tolerance & Respect

Links to local churches

Our school has close links with the Abbey in Selby celebrating our Harvest festival each year. Each class enjoys performing for their friends and families who come along to celebrate together.

Equality Week

To kick start our continued equality work at BBS, we all enjoyed a unique experience   discovering what it felt like to experience discrimination and how the choices we make in life can impact on others long term. Follow up work included activities exploring and celebrating difference and equality. The children researched and learnt about key public figures such as Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and the work they did to bring about change. Children in years 5 and 6 experienced workshops run by Show Racism the Red Card. This work continues throughout PHSE lessons linked to our ‘Me and My Relationships’ and ‘Becoming an Active Citizen, topics.


School FamiliesMutual Respect

At BBS, we feel it is important for the children to work and learn together, not only with children of their own age, but within small School Family Groups including children from Nursery, all the way up to Year 6. We have 21 different School Families at Barlby Bridge and we regularly hold events where the children can meet and explore different topics. Recent events have included:

Getting to know each other school family picnics/ celebrating  our differences/ equality/ anti-bullying/ art events and Science events.

Each family has two Y5 or 6 leaders who plan, resource and lead the events.


Teachers from Norway

Last year we enjoyed a visit from teachers from Norway, who shared traditions and facts about their country through             assemblies and class time together.


Link Schools

We have been lucky in recent years to be able to build a fantastic relationship with our link school ‘Mongu Primary’ In Zambia’s Western Province. Visits to both schools from teachers have allowed the children to experience similarities and differences between our schools and communities. We have joined in traditions such as the Kuamboka Ceremony and Independence day; cooked each others traditional dishes; shared musical tastes, dances and outdoor learning experiences. During the last visit, we managed to sing a song together that both schools had learnt– a very special moment!

Our school animals, Berty the Badger and Inonge the Elephant enjoy trips between the schools sharing experiences through their diaries.


Equality Team

A recently introduced idea currently being set up. Classes are busily voting democratically for their representative to give a voice to all pupils. This group will specifically work to ensuring BBS is a fully inclusive school and everyone whatever their religion, culture, disability or gender is welcome, represented through our resources, able to fully access our environments and has the same opportunities to learn and stay safe within our school.


Big Classroom

Recently, we have joined a new initiative called the ‘Big Classroom’. This enables BBS to link up with other schools who may have a very different cultural background to our own school. Already, we are linked to three schools. Two in London and one in Manchester and we look forward to getting to know the children from each of these schools over the next year.

All records of bullying for whatever reason will always be challenged and recorded.


Equality  issues challenged and recorded

At Barlby Bridge Community Primary School, we welcome children and adults of all religion, culture, special need and gender. We pride ourselves on the inclusive nature of our school and celebrate diversity.

All records of bullying for whatever reason will always be challenged and recorded.


Languages and more links with schools

All children in KS2 learn French each week and are given the opportunity to explore traditions and events in France. Last year the children enjoyed a French Café day which was great fun, learning about traditional French food, money and ordering in French.

Also, recently Year 6 children linked with a school in Germany, sharing letters and Christmas gifts together.


Work with Show Racism the Red Card

Year 5 and 6 children had the opportunity to work with the charity ‘Show Racism the Red Card‘ exploring and challenging stereotyping and generalised opinions. They heard real-life stories from people who had experienced racism and learnt to look at individuals for who they are inside rather than believing generalised views obtained from other sources such as the media. This work is now embedded and taught within our PHSE curriculum.


RE Curriculum

Children explore other faiths and beliefs throughout the curriculum and through dedicated RE lessons. Recently, children have been exploring the Islamic faith , recognising its similarities and differences with Christianity. Plans are being made to visit a local Mosque and possibly make links with other schools to share experiences and faiths.