Individual Liberty

Taking Responsibility- Choice and Growth Mindset

At BBS, pupils are actively encouraged to make choices knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. As a school, we educate and provide opportunities for young pupils to make informed choices through a safe environment and a varied curriculum.

Our children are working to develop a growth mindset. They are learning to recognise how we can make a big difference to our own learning by changing our mindset from ‘I can’t do that’ to I can’t do it yet, but I’m going to look at strategies to support my learning so I can do it in the future. Brains are growing all around our school!


Individual LibertySchool Council

Each year two children per class are voted for by their class by a secret ballot following a speech explaining their reasons as to why they would best represent all the children from their class. Read more about our School Council by following the link on our web page.



At BBS, we are proud to have gained the Green Flag Eco Schools Award. The Eco-Warriors represent the pupils in their class and regularly come up with different ideas as to how we can continue to improve our carbon footprint focussing on our:

School Grounds





Restorative Practise

Restorative practice techniques are a key part of our behaviour management system and should be used when responding to situations of conflict alongside the rewards and sanctions zone board. Through careful questioning, children explore the choices they have made, the impact their choice had on others and how they and others involved feel about what happened. Often the children involved    discuss these consequences together before   agreeing the best way forward for all involved.


Pupil Voice at BBS

Barlby Bridge Community School is all about our children who are all valued and listened to. We are proud of how we work together to improve our school. All the children have a voice and have recently worked with staff and parents to  choose our school’s mission statement, motto and aims ensuring they fully reflect our ethos and strong values. Other ways we ensure our children’s views are valued and listened to are through.

  • School Council/ Eco-Warriors/ Equality Team/ Family leaders etc.
  • Regular questionnaires evaluating subjects/ behaviour/ growth mind-set etc
  • Growing up in North Yorkshire Survey– which feeds into our PHSE  curriculum and is updated to meet our children’s needs.


School Families and Leaders

At BBS, we feel it is important for the children to work and learn together, not only with children of their own age, but within small School Family Groups including children from Nursery, all the way up to Year 6. We have 21 different School Families at Barlby Bridge and we regularly hold events where the children can meet and explore different topics. Recent events have included:

Getting to know each other school family picnics/ celebrating  our differences/ equality/ anti-bullying/ art events and Science events.

Each family has two Y5 or 6 leaders who plan, resource and run each event.


Pupil Responsibilities

Children at Barlby Bridge have a range of responsibilities and jobs around school. For the younger children, they may  include  personal responsibilities like remembering to bring in homework, reading books and PE kits through to classroom responsibilities. For the older children; whole-school responsibilities such as: Pals, Peer Mediators, Y6 Buddies, Y6/5 School Family Leaders, door duties and assembly duties are regularly undertaken.

Y6 Buddies

Door Duty

Assembly Duty


Equality TeamIndividual Liberty 2

A recently introduced idea currently being set up. Classes are busily voting democratically for their representative to give a voice to all pupils. This group will specifically work to ensuring BBS is a fully inclusive school and everyone whatever their religion, culture, disability or gender is welcome, represented through our resources, able to fully access our environments and has the same opportunities to learn and stay safe within our school.