British Values

At Barlby Bridge Community Primary  School, we are all working together to create an ethos and climate that promotes
‘British values’ at every level.
The fundamental ‘British values’ which were first set out within the Government’s Prevent strategy in 2014 are:

Recently, during one of our regular ‘School Family Events’, the children and staff put their heads together to evaluate how we thought we already   promoted these values within our school.
The School Family Leaders wanted to create a unique display they could  follow around our school and update after regular evaluation.

Click the buttons below to see how the children and staff feel BBS has already embedded British Values within our school

Democracy Rule of Law Liberty Mutual Respect
Democracy  Rule of Law  Individual liberty  Mutual respect for
and tolerance of
those with different
faiths and beliefs and for
those without faith.

Promoting British Values within Early Years.

  • Celebrating and marking British occasions and festivals
  • Teaching children to listen to each other and wait before speaking, how to have a conversation
  • Kindness, helpful, respectful of others
  • Table manners
  • Learning about our heritage and history
  • Being Polite, saying please and thank you
  • Listening during story and song time
  • Teaching empathy and understanding
  • Appropriate behaviour and learning right from wrong
  • Taking turns and sharing
  • Learning British weather and seasons
  • Being part of local community through outings and partnerships with local schools, nurseries etc
  • Making friends and friendship
  • Learning together with others and mutual respect
  • Cooking, eating and learning about traditional British food
  • Celebrating British authors and illustrators


It is important that values are embedded across all areas of learning and children recognise the positivity and impact they can have.


Even young children can appreciate empathy with others and the need for fairness.