Before & After School

Children are permitted to enter the school grounds from 8.45am each morning. They are then able to spend 10 minutes in the playground with their friends as long as they are supervised by you or your representative (e.g. a family friend or another parent you have asked to look after your child). Children who come to school on their own must enter school as soon as they arrive. Teaching assistants covering the doors are not there to supervise children playing outside but rather to ensure a safe and calm entry to school. At 8.55am a bell will ring and all the children outside at this time then enter school. Doors are shut at 8.55am and any children arriving late must then enter school through the front door intercom system. Children will receive a late mark in the register after 9.15am and gates are locked at this time as lessons may be taking place outside.

At the conclusion of the school day the gates are opened at 3.05pm and our teaching assistants will monitor the children’s exit doors. They are there to help ensure a calm and safe exit for all the children form school, not to supervise children on the play equipment. Should parents wish to allow their children to play on the fixed equipment, as at the beginning of the day, they do so at their own risk. No children are allowed to remain on the premises after the end of school without parental supervision unless they are attending a school club. The end of the school day is 3.10pm when we expect children to be picked up. We appreciate that parents may be occasionally late and under these circumstances we will of course look after children until parents are able to collect them. It is expected that parents will inform school ASAP that they will be late.

We have a policy for the non-collection of children which parents can obtain by enquiring at the school office; if you are running late you must contact us as we will otherwise involve children’s social care who assume responsibility for children left at school without parental supervision.

Playing ball games, cycling/scooting and running games are prohibited before and after school to reduce the risk of injury.