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Reading and Writing

We believe strongly that reading and writing are key skills in life and we work hard to ensure our children are supported and encouraged to achieve the necessary skills.

Reading is taught in many different ways. During daily sessions in early Years and KS1 children are taught phonic sounds which help them to ‘break down’ and ‘sound out’ unfamiliar words. This is taught and planned through the National system ‘Letters and Sounds.’ Teachers also use many of the interactive features on ‘Phonic’s Play’ to support the children’s learning and enjoyment. These skills are then embedded through small group guided Reading, and English lessons where they are asked questions about what they have read to check their understanding. Intervention programs – KS1: Read, Write Inc and KS2: Wordblaze target children who benefit from extra support and practise.

Also children choose books from our reading scheme, allowing them to access text at their level to enjoy at home. Children who read regularly at home become more confident and make more progress than those who do not have this opportunity. We encourage home reading through reading ladders which celebrate the children’s achievements - these are displayed in each classroom.

Spellings are also taught in numerous ways alongside phonics. Children are taught spelling and grammar rules in daily sessions while learning words that are an exception to these rules through an individual program.

All of these skills are combined with speaking and listening practise and developed further in English lessons where children learn to create writing both independently and as part of a group. Children are encouraged to edit and check their own work.

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