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Year 1


YEAR 1 Experimentation

YEAR 1 Science

YEAR 1 History

YEAR 1 Art

Working scientifically (Y1 and Y2)

I can ask simple scientific questions.

I can use simple equipment to make observations.

I can carry out simple tests.

I can identify and classify things.

I can suggest what I have found out.

I can use simple data to answer questions


Everyday materials (Chemistry)

I can distinguish between an object and the material it is made from.

I can explain the materials that an object is made from.

I can name wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock.

I can describe the properties of everyday materials.

I can group objects based on the materials they are made from.


Seasonal changes (Physics)

I can observe and comment on changes in the seasons.

I can name the seasons and suggest the type of weather in each season.

Plants (Biology)

I can name a variety of common wild and garden plants.

I can name the petals, stem, leaf and root of a plant.

I can name the roots, trunk, branches and leaves of a tree.


Animals, including humans

I can name a variety of animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles birds and mammals.

I can classify and name animals by what they eat (carnivore, herbivore and omnivore).

I can sort animals into categories (including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals).

I can sort living and non-living things.

I can name the parts of the human body that I can see.

I can link the correct part of the human body to each sense.

I can use words and phrases like: old, new and a long time ago.

I can recognise that some objects belonged to the past.

I can explain how I have changed since I was born.

I can explain how some people have helped us to have better lives.

I can ask and answer questions about old and new objects.

I can spot old and new things in a picture.

I can explain what an object from the past might have been used for.


YEAR 1 geography

I can keep a weather chart and answer questions about the weather.

I can explain where I live and tell someone my address.

I can explain some of the places that are hot and cold in the world.

I can explain the clothes that I would wear in hot and cold places.

I can explain how the weather changes throughout the year and name the seasons.

I can name the four countries in the United Kingdom and locate them on a map.

I can name some of the main towns and cities in the United Kingdom.

I can show how people feel in paintings and drawings.

I can create moods in art work.

I can use pencils to create lines of different thickness in drawings.

I can name the primary and secondary colours.

I can create a repeating pattern in print.

I can cut, roll and coil materials.

I can use IT to create a picture.

I can describe what I can see and give an opinion about the work of an artist.

I can ask questions about a piece of art.



I can use my own ideas to make something.

I can describe how something works.

I can cut food safely.

I can make a product which moves.

I can make my model stronger.

I can explain to someone else how I want to make my product.

I can choose appropriate resources and tools.

I can make a simple plan before making.





YEAR 1 Music


YEAR 1 Computing


I can use my voice to speak, sing and chant.

I can use instruments to perform.

I can clap short rhythmic patterns.

I can make different sounds with my voice and with instruments.

I can repeat short rhythmic and melodic patterns.

I can make a sequence of sounds.

I can respond to different moods in music.

I can say whether I like or dislike a piece of music.

I can choose sounds to represent different things.

I can follow instructions about when to play and sing.


I can throw underarm.

I can hit a ball with a bat.

I can move and stop safely.

I can throw and catch with both hands.

I can throw and kick in different ways.


I can make my body curled, tense, stretched and relaxed.

I can control my body when travelling and balancing.

I can copy sequences and repeat them.

I can roll, curl, travel and balance in different ways.


I can move to music.

I can copy dance moves.

I can perform my own dance moves.

I can make up a short dance.

I can move safely in a space.


I can copy actions.

I can repeat actions and skills.

I can move with control and care.

I can use equipment safely.

Algorithms and programming

I can create a series of instructions.

I can plan a journey for a programmable toy.

Information technology

I can create digital content.

I can store digital content.

I can retrieve digital content.

I can use a web site.

I can use a camera.

I can record sound and play back.

Digital literacy

I can use technology safely.

I can keep personal information private.


Skills (YEAR 1 and 2)

I follow the school’s safer internet rules.

I can use the search engines agreed by the school.

I know what to do if I find something inappropriate online or something I am unsure of (including identifying people who can help; minimising screen; online reporting using school system etc).

I can use the internet for learning and communicating with others, making choices when navigating through sites.

I can send and receive email as a class.

I can recognise advertising on websites and learn to ignore it.

I can use a password to access the secure network.

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