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Hope you had a fantastic Easter!

We are now in the Summer Term. I can’t believe it! Your children have made so much progress this year and we are really proud of each and every one of them. This next half term we are going to be learning about pirates. As always we will listen to the children’s interests and go with these but we will do some of our learning using pirates. We will look at pirates from history and compare pirates to people now.

We are really pushing them to be more independent with their reading, writing and maths. We encourage them to have a go without an adult to help them and to keep trying.

We will be doing lots of maths problems using measures, addition and subtraction and doubling and halving.

We have a new mud kitchen and potion station in our outdoor area. Children get so much fantastic learning out of these. They develop communication skills, problems solving skills, negotiation and turn taking and using their imagination. We will encourage children to write about the creations and think about ways that they can improve or change what they have made.

We are also going to focus a lot on the children’s skills and abilities. We will look at what they think they are good and what they want to improve at as well as being resourceful in finding support.

Come and see us if you have any questions or concerns and please fill in the wow moment slips. It is important that we get your observations as these inform our end of year assessments. You might see your child do things that we don’t and we love to hear about what they are doing and learning at home!

Thanks everyone

Mrs Aston and Mrs Morton


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